Hybrid diffusion panel on room acoustics with high presence of sound

The diffuser panel : SQUARE has the polished design with functionality. It produces the room acoustics to indulge yourself for the sound of the music.

Quest of the better sound for the clear view, more depth, richness of the sound and vivid sound stage is unstopped. SQUARE is one of the answer for it. We develop it with tuning as well as specification.

With SQUARE, the presence of the speaker is ghost like nothing and you, at the listening spot, feel of being the performers in front of you.

Ideal acoustic field of the sound


The sound a speakers delivers to a listening room has the 2 types: One-direct sound, and Second- Indirect sound. The direct sound is :the sound delivered to the listening spot directly, Indirect sound is : the sound delivered to the listening spot indirectly accompanying the reflection of the sound on the walls.

Indirect sound is delayed to deliver to the listening point, so that its phase is collapsed and lose the clarity. It is the best solution to take care of the point of 1st reflection, which has the most negative impact to the quality of the sound.

Acoustic absorption

to stop the reflection, the process of acoustic absorption is common.

Acoustic absorption works well on decreasing the stress of the sound and the sound itself is becoming comfortable and better. However it might be illusion because acoustic absorption absorbs the essence of the sound quality at the same time, and loses the vitality and results that sound is becoming boring.


SQUARE works on diffusion of the sound

In general, diffusion has the image on rampage of the sound, though the diffusion by SQUARE stops the indirect sound before the listening spot. As the result, the essence of the sound can be survived without absorption.

The reasons of Hybrid

There are cases to achieve less than 100% by diffusion due to the size of the room, type of the components, and volume of the sound.

SQUARE has the hybrid construction on both diffusion and absorption. Main part is 'diffusion' while 'absorption' helps diffusion absorbing the indirect sound diffusion cannot deal with

Stylish Design with functionality.


SQUARE takes the real wood-like finish and the patterns of the wood to keep the coherence over multiple units.

New color: White, is adding to the collection of the colors. It is given the variety of the choice.

Installation is very easy with original pins included in the box of SQUARE. The wholes of the pins is too small to stand out.

The best locations on installation

facing the listening spot between L/R speakers
The presence of the speakers are gone like a ghost. You can experience the reality of the sounds like performers playing their live stages in front of you.
1st reflection point on the walls of both L/R sides.
the clarity becomes better and the sound stage come up wider than ever before.
Back side behind the listening point
Unnecessary reflection is gone, you can experience more the vitality of the sound

SQUARE also works well on removing flatter echoes over the paralleled walls. You can experience the effect of SQUARE anywhere you place it.


  • VGP 2022Visual Grand Prix 2022
  • VGP 2020Visual Grand Prix 2020
  • VGP 2019 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2019 Summer
  • VGP 2018 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2018 Summer
  • AAEA 2018Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2018
  • VGP 2018Visual Grand Prix 2018
  • VGP 2015Visual Grand Prix 2015
  • VGP 2014 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2014 Summer
  • AAEA 2013Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2013


W250 x H250 x D33mm
Hight compression Felt, Hard PVC


  • Oak Oak
  • White Wood White wood


  • fixing pin