On room tuning, the ceiling is an important place as the same as the walls on sides. The ceiling is flat without obstructions such as furniture. It has the impact on room acoustic . the best solution to improve the acoustic sound is to deal with the 1st point of the reflection.


The Ceiling diffuser

You can place the ROOF anywhere you are likely to put it.The hybrid construction of the face on both diffusion and absorption can process the room tuning with suitable absorption. As the result the sound keeps the its energy.


Light, thin and slim, but high effectiveness

ROOF is too thin and slim to give listening spot pressure over head. The depth is only 10 mm while its effectiveness is devasting with high density felt


Easy installation

Installation on ROOF, as a module, has light weight. With the pins attached in ROOF you can joint the each module together.


Effectiveness of ROOF

Reducing the reflection from the ceiling and the flatter echo from the ceiling and the floor enables you to experience more wider sound stage. ROOF also woks on removing the stranded air flow on the corner of the room.


Anywhere you want.

You can place ROOF anywhere you are likely to set up. It works well on the corner of the room, the space behind the listening points or the spots the stranded air flow on the sound.

You can have the freedom on installation: combination together, or separately over the space

  • ROOF
  • ROOF


  • VGP 2022Visual Grand Prix 2022
  • VGP 2019 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2019 Summer
  • HTGP 2019 Gold PrizeHome Theater Grand Prix 2019 Gold Prize
  • AAEA 2019Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2019


Model Number ROOF
Size W253 x H10 x D253mm
Weight 150g
Material Hight compression Felt, Coated Paper
Quantity 4pcs


  • fixing pin