Tuning panel on floor

Vento, base on floor is designed and developed with the technology for reflection and absorption. The flat face design with 26mm on depth fits to your room and work on the sound tuning

The sound from a speaker spreads over the floor as well as walls. It has the impact on the quality of the sound. The floor base has the function to adjust the reflection from the flooring floor or absorption on carpet or flatter echo on the ceiling and parallel walls

Diffusion and absorption, and integral structure by cutting

Floor base

Vento has the diffusion technology with the size and the position of a slit and a round hall. It has the integral structure by cutting with a large NC machine.

Special compressed felt is assembled on the back side and a slit and a round hall have the adjustment to absorb the sound.

Versatility on location

Vento can work well over the variety of different materials of the floors such as flooring or carpet

It optimize the sound with reflection on flooring and absorption on carpet.

It also assembles the special compressed felt on back side for absorption as well as reduction of vibration.

Evaluation on sound upgrade

With the adjustment on reflection and absorption, Vento enhances the representation of the sound stage with 3D images.

Functional design

Floor base

The floor base, Vento, with flat and functional design has the only 26mm depth. Its finish is wooden pattern and fits to the many variety of the rooms.

Special compressed felt on the back side protects a crack on floor.

Recommendation on location

We have found the sounds coming out from many unexpected locations through the examination under many circumstances.

Best location for Vento is ' 1st reflection' point. We also recommend you to check the potential places such as corners of the room. This experiments helps you to draw the potential effectiveness on Vento


  • AAEA 2016Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2016
  • HTGP 2015 Gold PrizeHome Theater Grand Prix 2015 Gold Prize


W600 x H26 x D600mm
High Density MDF, Hight compression Felt


  • Wood Grain Wood Grain