The 'hi-res' quality audio source is becoming more familiar through penetration on PC and high resolution audio. We are also realizing that it is not easy task to dwell the 100% quality from the high quality audio source. It is different from ' playing back a compact disc'. This is not easy work to play back 100% quality of High resolution audio when you start to push the playback key.

What is most important points to enjoy high resolution audio by 100% and more?

Do you realize how much the electromagnetic wave has the negative impact on an audio equipment?

Our living space has the variety of radio waves from the gadget such as Radio, TV or smart phones. NAS or PC storing the music data is also the source of electromagnetic wave

Anti-electromagnetic wave is a key to upgrade the sound quality on 'PC Audio'. When you choose a NAS or a hub for 'PC audio', you may pick up the products with metal shield cases or chassis for anti-noise outside or with anti-EMI.

EVA is developed for anti-electromagnetic wave


The range of anti-electromagnetic wave extends 100MHz to 10GHz

Eva, is the board to be manufactured with the materials to absorb the electromagnetic wave, and to transforms the energy of electromagnetic wave to the thermal energy through the wave's magnetic loss. The thermal energy is absorbed to Eva. The range of the frequency is wide from 100MHz to 10GHz.

Eva has the bonded structure inside, which enhance the dumping factor and effect on the anti-vibration on HDD. The material of the base for Eva is ' aluminum' on heat conduction

Specification on reduction
Specification on reduction

  • The graph shows the specification on the material of absorption of electromagnetic wave for Eva.

Easy one step on earthing to improve S/N


Eva, having the function on absorption of electromagnetic wave, also features the system on earthing with the easy connection with USB port on PCs. ( the costumed USB cable attached with Eva )

The Shield effect of a chassis on PC is enhanced with the connection with Eva on USB port so that SN ration improves and the quality of the sound upgrades its clarity, to high resolution audio level.

Eva has the 3 sizes : notebook PC:13inch, and 15 inch, mini Mac. Eva works well on notebook PC as well as DA converter or NAS.

* The system on earthing uses the shield line of the USB cable. No signal communication on a USB line or the power supply line


  • AAEA 2020Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2020
  • VGP 2015Visual Grand Prix 2015
  • VGP 2014 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2014 Summer
  • AAEA 2014Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2014


Model Number EVA-miniSG
Size W197 x H7 x D197mm W340 x H7 x D242mm W380 x H7 x D265mm
Weight 0.5kg 1kg 1.2kg
  • Under side foot of 2mm included in hight.


  • USB Cable(Earthing cable)
    USB Cable


In the case of the connection with non PC products, the system of earthing works on GND terminal or RCA without connection with other equipment.

Model Number Conector
microUSB to Spade Plug
microUSB to USB-C
microUSB to RCA
microUSB to Male XLR
microUSB to Female XLR
microUSB to BNC
microUSB to BANANA