Mistral speaker stands is developed for new solution on the quality of the sound of the monitor speakers or bookshelf type speakers on the desk top audio

On setting up the speakers, it is our common to check the position of the speakers on height. Particularly, the position of ta tweeter should be the same height have to be the same height as Listener's ears.

However, it is not easy job to do it, because of difference of material, or types of desk, or speaker stand.

Mistral speakers stand can work to adjust the angle value to be optimized to a listening point. With the effect of a spike on a foot, vibration from the floor the speaker are located on, is reduced swiftly to protect the speaker from the unwanted resonance and keep the conditions on ' precise' monitoring and listening.

adjustment on the angle value of the speaker systems

  • Desktop speaker stands
  • Desktop speaker stands
  • Desktop speaker stands

The speaker stand itself has the 6 degree on the angle value. It also has the spikes to adjust the detailed angles on listening position and position of the speakers.

The Speaker stands can easily switch the front and back to downward a speaker on a desk

adjustment on the angle value has the benefit to reduce the reflection of the sound on a surface of a desk, as the result, you, at the listening spot, can hear the direct sound from speaker on precise image and special representation of the sound over the sound stage.

Elimination of vibration and high rigidity.

Desktop speaker stands

The material of Mistral speaker stand is aluminum, non magnetically materials to avoid the negative effect to speakers. The stands takes the monoblastic construction with the thick aluminum bended only to eliminate the unwanted resonance and keep the high rigidity.

A speaker stands needs high rigidity, If not, the speaker stands cannot keep high energy from the amplitude of a woofer

The bottom of Mistral speaker stand has the customized anti vibration rubbers to reduce the vibration of a speaker speedily. The rubbers has also the specification to drive the resonance swiftly

"High grade sponge rubber with high density and rigidity is taken on the parts to contact the surface of the speaker cabinet. It helps the speaker keep the sound unchanged. The contacts to speakers are two points- one is front, the other is back. These contacts can prevent the speaker stand from the negative effect from vibration."

Benefit of the spikes

Construction of the spike has the benefit not only the adjustment of the angle value but also reduction of the vibration smoothly from the speaker cabinet with the material of stainless.

Reduction of the unwanted vibration at contacts draws the potential performance from a speaker, and the high resolution on sound.

The spike base using the varied high rigid rubbers , with the fine texture over the surface, has the function to divide the vibration. The high rigid rubber grips the surface of contacts, stops slipping and rocks speakers steady.

Adjustment on speaker stand

Aside from a desk top speaker, Mistral speaker stand can work on the adjustment for the floor speaker and the speaker on TV.


  • VGP 2022Visual Grand Prix 2022
  • VGP 2020Visual Grand Prix 2020
  • VGP 2019 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2019 Summer
  • VGP 2018 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2018 Summer
  • AAEA 2018Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2018
  • VGP 2018Visual Grand Prix 2018


Model Number DSS1620S
Size W160 x H48 x D204mm (Without Spikes)
W160 x D200mm (Top Plate)
Weight 420g (Without Spikes)
Withstand load 15kg