Solution at the corner of the room

arte Tri-Corner is developed to solve the issues at the corner of the ceiling.

Our original technology through Pyramid wall, we solve the complicated and difficult issues at the corner.

Like we do with Pyramid wall, diffusion gives the listening spot the clarity of the sound without losing the energy solving the issues on unnatural or unclear sound at the corner of the room.

The size of arte Tri-Comer is small enough to keep its effect consistent and to erupt it more than your expectation.


arte Tri-Corner is the audio diffusion panel and can be located vertically or horizontally for the corners of the ceiling or wall.

Recommended location


With the pins inside the box, you can set Tetra up easily.

The hole is too small to stand out after Tetra is taken off from the ceiling or the wall.

Technology: Control hole.

The 2 sized control holes : large and small on the front works on both diffusion and absorption over high to low frequency

The sound or its energy out of control due to situations of the room or volume of sound can be floated and controlled by the holes on the back side of Tetra.

The face and the back side of Tetra extend the size of the face virtually and can control the size of the space more than physically.


  • VGP 2018Visual Grand Prix 2018
  • VGP 2015Visual Grand Prix 2015
  • VGP 2014 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2014 Summer
  • VGP 2014Visual Grand Prix 2014
  • AAEA 2013Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2013


W600 x H200 x D190mm


  • Ivory TC-IV (Ivory)
  • Black TC-BK (Black)


  • fixing pin