Making the room larger virtually

We develop arte pyramid ceiling for the ceiling, which has the difficulty on room acoustic. arte pyramid ceiling deals with the 1st reflection and, it enables room acoustic to have more space virtually than room's physical dimension.

light and simple design

arte pyramid ceiling has thin depth and the light weight. Its installation is easy and fit to any types of rooms.

Easy Installation

Pyramid ceiling

You can set it up by the pin inside the box with one step. The whole of the pin is too small to stand out

The technology : Pyramid head and control whole

The face on arte pyramid wall is not flat. Instead, the designed pyramid head is there. The technological pyramid head works on the balanced delivery from all 360 dimensions under its control.

And, Prevention on the flatter echo between the ceiling and the floor has the benefit to reduces the distortion on sound or error on phase, and enables the sound stage to be more clear. Allocation on large and small wholes over the its surface can diffuses and absorbs the sound from high and low frequency consistently.


  • VGP 2022Visual Grand Prix 2022
  • VGP 2018Visual Grand Prix 2018
  • VGP 2015Visual Grand Prix 2015
  • VGP 2014 SummerVisual Grand Prix 2014 Summer
  • AAEA 2012 Gold PrizeAudio Accessory Excellence Award 2012 Gold Prize


W450 x H450 x D70mm


  • Ivory PC-IV (Ivory)
  • Black PC-BK (Black)


  • fixing pin