Thin and slim audio board for anti-vibration

"MMS-C is the customized audio-listening board with the ball point construction. Avoiding coloring the sound with materials, we develop the original mechanical anti-vibrating construction for the board"

The ball point construction has the impact for anti-vibration , and reduce the vibration speedy.

The thin and slim style of the board is convenient to install MMS-C to an audio rack.The style changes the position of the speakers within only 15mm at max.You don't worry about the positions of speakers.

The ball point construction over the board works on anti-vibration no less than 'spike-base' or 'audio insulator'

Anti-vibration with the ball point construction

MMS-C & Vienna Acoustics

"MMS-C employs the rigid construction with ball points between upper board and lower board. The boll point has the positive impact on decreasing the vibration on audio equipment themselves and anti-vibration from floors."

The upper board does not touch the lower board, as the result, the vibration on the lower board does not transfer to the upper board.

Customized multi-material balls combined

Newly developed ceramic balls are combined with customized steel balls. Each balls are located to best positioned between upper and lower board.

This hybrid construction has the benefit on the tone of sound with two materials: The ceramic ball for hi-resolution sound and the steel ball for rich and bold on tone.

minor upgrade for major improvement.

MMS-C has also checked its construction in detail. The size of the height increases to 15mm. With the upgrade, dumping factor as well as strength on its construction improve. As the result, the tone of the sound is balanced with strong bass.

The different sizes of upper and lower boards changes the points on both resonance and vibration. Execution on anti-vibration radically achieves the improvement on high S/N and clarity and resolution on sound.


MMS-C has only 15mm on height. Its design is simple and less stand out, It does not disturb atmosphere surrounding your audio component.

Its rigid construction can be set up with heavy weight audio equipment such as amplifiers or speakers. Withstand load is: less than 100 kg.


  • AAEA 2016Audio Accessory Excellence Award 2016


W470 x H15 x D420mm
Withstand load


  • Black Black